Monday, September 16, 2013

Hold My Hand 2013

just nak share sebuah video yang telah 'dilakonkan' oleh junior-junior aku pada bulan Mei yang lepas. video berkenaan sebuah freeze mob yang dijalankan di usm. 

In respond to current situation in Malaysia, Hold MY Hands freezemob were done along the corridors in University of Science Malaysia (USM).

This is to emphasize on what we already have and cherish. Unity holds the bond between us Malaysian despite having different skin and different background. One thing unite us all which is the love towards our country, Malaysia . There's always more love to give and this how we show it.


  1. internet akak slow, tak dapat nak buka video tu.. semoga perpaduan semua kaum di Malaysia akan terus berkekalan.. selamat hari Malaysia.. :D

  2. Ya..Selamat menyambut Hari Malaysia dan selamat bercuti :)

  3. Bestnye...nnti rietta tgk...skank tenet slow...

  4. terbaik =) 1Malaysia..Salam Hari Malaysia..

  5. aiyak! quota internet tidak membolehkan tgk! esok la tgk kat office :)


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