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well, that's my senior...

nak rasa bangga jap dengan pencapaian seorang anak melayu Malaysia ni. nama beliau Ahmad Mujahid Mohd Razip. bekas pelajar sekolah aku dulu, SMKA Al-Mashoor (L) Pulau Pinang. kini top 5 student di Purdue University. tahniah bro.

kejayaan beliau:

"Ahmad developed an app for iPhone and iPad that displays local crime and traffic information. Using the GPS feature in the devices, a user can see what crimes have occurred in the area, by type and location, as well as trends for specific types of crime. Ahmad says the app could be used by police officers, attorneys, real estate agents, reporters or anyone interested in local crime."

Steve Tally, "Ahmad Mujahid Mohd Razip". Jun 2011. Purdue University, Indiana, U.S. 


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