Artikel Silat Cekak di Persada Antarabangsa

Silat Cekak is one of Malaysia's deadly martial arts. It is also known as "Silat Gaduh" which means the arts in brawl or street fights

Many people do not recognized "silat" in general moreover "Silat Cekak". The words "silat" have many meanings in Malaysia but it is generally known as the malay's form of martial arts.

There are hundreds form of "silat" in Malaysia such as Silat Gayung, Silat Lincah, Silat Terlak, Silat Sendeng, Silat Kalimah, Silat Pasak Gempur, Silat Siku, Silat Gayung Fatani and many others which some of it never got registered in Malaysia as valid associations.
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Persatuan Seni Silat Cekak Malaysia is one of the main martial arts association in Malaysia with over 80,000 members and over 105 active classes all over Malaysia.

This association have classes in local universities with Silat Cekak as one of the cocuriculum vitae.  As  valid association the  martial arts lessons are systematic with the 4 basics law of self-defend (grappling type):

a) Method A - way to counter attacks to mid area of body (chest)
b) Method B - alternate way to counter attacks to mid area of body (chest)
'c) Method C -way to counter attacks to lower area of body (stomach,groin)
d) method D -way to counter attacks to upper area of body (head)

With the above basic methods, Silat Cekak practitioner can handle any attacks and self defend effectively. Silat Cekak uses 99% defensive and 1% attack. However, for expert practitioner, the 1% attack can beat enemy even if he evade or counter attack,or try to practice throws or grappling skills. Silat Cekak is strictly use for self-defend and not for martial arts competition due to  its nature of moves that damages the limbs and attack key vital points of human body. That is why Silat Cekak must only be learned only for 18 years old and above.

Silat Cekak is definitely for woman as it requires no body strength or ability to kick like Jean Claude Van Damme to  defend herself. In fact, even if any attacker have Jean Claude kicking skill is also  no threat for Silat Cekak practitioner.

If you happen to be in Malaysia, do not miss the chance to see the demonstrations and I promise you that its going to be your lifetime experience.

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